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Profitable Home Selling
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  • Leave easy listening music playing in the house during the showing on your television or stereo. Keep the volume low.

  • Ensure the house temperature is inviting. If it’s summer time, make sure to set the thermostat to a reasonable temperature.  Having the house set to an uncomfortable temperature because you are not there may limit the amount of time a Buyer will spend in the home. The same holds true for setting winter temperatures as well.

  • Keep your animal caged if it has an aggressive nature.  If it will bark constantly when strangers are in the house, consider removing it from the house during showings.

  • For cat owners, clean litter boxes frequently.

  • For dog owners, tidy up the areas of the yard where they relieve themselves.

  • Keep the kitchen garbage can clean and free of foods that creates odors.

  • If you are into heavily aromatic foods, you may want to limit cooking them during this period.  Strong food odors can be a serious distraction for some homebuyers.

  • Refrain from leaving dirty dishes in the kitchen sink.

  • Keep dirty clothes picked up and in laundry baskets.

  • Keep toilets flushed with lids down.

  • Empty garbage cans throughout the house daily. 

  • Keep your personal information tucked away from wondering eyes.  Bank, credit card and other financial statements should be secured. Find a safe place for the collection of daily mail.

  • Collectables and jewelry, as well as prescription drugs, should also be placed in a secure location.

  • Keep your window blinds up and window treatments open to allow as much light in as possible.

  • Leave lights on to avoid any appearance that the house has dark areas. If you have any blown out light bulbs replace them immediately.

  • Make sure that all doors to the outside of the home can be opened.  If a key is required to open them, make sure you place a key near or in each door.

  • Make sure everyone leaves the house ahead of the scheduled showing time or immediately upon the Buyers arrival.  There is nothing that will make Buyers want to rush through a home quicker than if they think they are intruding.

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