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Property Maintenance

My unique approach to home care offers you a single source, cost-effective solution to help you maintain the value of your investment. It proactively identifies and addresses repair needs before they become more costly repairs.

The areas addressed include:


  • Check for signs of roof leaks

  • Check for rodent activity

Bath, Kitchen and Laundry Rooms

  • Appliance check

  • Check of grout and caulking

  • Check of sinks and toilets for leaks
    and proper operation

  • Toilet paper and towel bars

  • Washing machine and dryer connections


  • Operation and condition of light switches and wall receptacles

  • Testing of GFIC receptacles

Exterior Inspection

  • Visual check of chimney, doors,
    siding and windows


Garage Doors

  • Door components and opener operation

  • System lubrication​


Applying Oil to Chain of Garage Door

Hot Water Heater

  • Check components

  • Draining of sediment 

HVAC Systems

  • Visual check of system, condensate pumps and lines

  • Filter replacement

  • Compressor fin clening


Interior Inspection

  • Ceilings, floors and walls

  • Door hinges and knobs

  • Cabinet hinge and drawer operations


  • Replacement of bulbs on
    readily accessible fixtures


Smoke Detectors

  • Testing

  • Annual battery replacement

Water System

  • House pressure check

  • House-to-street leak check

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