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Profitable Home Selling
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  • How and within what timeframe will your Agent be providing feedback on showings that occur? Depending on your temperament, having an agreed upon process can alleviate some of the stress of “needing to know how it went.”

Have a Family Meeting

Before your Agent activates your home in the Multiple Listing Service, make sure to assemble everyone living in the house for a meeting. Life around the house is about to change in a big way. If you’re in a hot market, don’t be surprised if you receive requests for a showing within an hour of it going live.

Discuss the showing guidelines established with your Agent so everyone understands the process. Communication is key! Set up a group text message that can alert everyone when a showing is scheduled. Also use the recommendations in the following section as the meeting agenda.


Listing Day

The first thing you need to do is relax.  There will come a point when the process will turn chaotic with an offer, negotiations and inspections. Remember to keep it all in perspective.  Unit that time arrives, take it easy and remember that you may be at the mercy of erratic real estate agents and eccentric buyers.  Try to keep your focus on the goal of presenting your home and yourself in the best light possible and consider the following:

  • Never allow anyone into the house without having them first open the lockbox device that stores the key to the front door. This will ensure that the person requesting access is a licensed Agent. Then they electronically connect to the lockbox it registers their contact information along with time and date they entered the property. In addition to providing a level of security, it also sends their information electronically to your Agent for showing feedback and future follow up. This is important.

  • Place a bowl of assorted candies near the entrance to the home along with the sales information provided by your Agent.  You never know if the potential Buyer (or their Agent) hasn’t eaten in hours and may have low blood sugar.  You may want to add small bottles of water to the offering as well.

  • If you have a room with a ping pong or pool table, you may consider placing a note by the entrance stating: “If you are visiting with children they are welcome to play with our “______” in the “_______”.  This could keep bored and cranky children busy while mom and dad tour your home. It also doesn’t hurt to have the kids tell their parents that the “basement was really cool.”

  • If you know it’s going to be busy day of showings, consider baking up a batch of cookies early in the day to fill the house with their accommodating smell.  Leave the cookies near the entrance with a note saying, “Please Take One”.

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