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An Exceptional Experience for Sellers

My years of real estate experience includes residential construction, consultative sales and marketing, contract negotiation and zoning regulations. Sadly, I've seen many homeowners miss out on profits by not preparing their home for sale properly. That why I created my Prep-for-Sale Service.

With every successful home sale, there are three key factors: Physical Condition, List Price and Market Exposure. Of the three, the physical condition is the most critical. To highlight this point, consider the results of a recent study conducted by the National Association of Realtors. It evaluated home sales over a 12-month period and why there were either closing delays or total cancellation of the sales contract. What is shocking from the results is that Home Inspection and Environmental Issues were responsible for 10% of the delayed closings and a  33% of the terminated contracts.

My free “Prep for Sale” will take the worry out of preparing your home for sale while enhancing its marketability. It identifies issues, makes repairs and improves the overall appeal of your home. Its the first step in my proven process that will reduce the stress and uncertainty out of selling your home while preparing it to sell for the highest market price possible.

Below is the approach I will utilize to deliver and exceptional experience for you.

Neighborhood Research

  1. Research of home to be sold.

  2. Research active listings of comparable properties.

  3. Research homes sold in the past 12 months of comparable properties.

  4. Determine the price per square foot cost of comparable active and sold homes.

  5. Research “days-on-market” for comparable properties.

  6. Research and review the property tax of comparable properties.

  7. Assemble a “comparable market analysis” (CMA) to develop a preliminary market value range.

Listing Appointment

  1. Perform a walk-through review of the home to assess condition and market position.

  2. Present an overview of current market conditions.

  3. Present results of the CMA prepared.

  4. Discuss pricing strategy based on the current market conditions

  5. Provide an overview of Solid Source Realty.

  6. Present and discuss the Prep-for-Sale (PFS) program.

  7. Present and discuss the “A Promise with a Process” activities.

  8. Present and discuss the marketing program and tools to be utilized.

  9. Review Agency relationships with Seller.

  10. Present and review Listing Agreement with Seller.

Listing Agreement through Listing Activation

  1. Sign Listing Agreement

  2. Perform the PFS inspection.

  3. Review the results of the PFS inspection with Seller and discuss actions to be taken.

  4. Perform repairs included in the Prep-for-Sale action plan.

  5. Coordinate contractors for repairs noted in the Prep-for-Sale program requiring action.

  6. Coordinate carpet cleaning, interior cleaning, landscaping touchup, painting, window cleaning, etc., if applicable.

  7. Review the interior decor and suggest changes to enhance presentation.

  8. Review property’s ownership and deed type.

  9. Obtain copy of the property survey, if available.

  10. If not available, determine if a property survey should be ordered.

  11. Obtain copy of subdivision plat/complex layout, if applicable.

  12. If required, research the property’s land use zoning.

  13. Review property and note any visible encroachments to discuss with owner.

  14. Review current or past appraisals, if available.

  15. Confirm elementary, middle and high school assignments.

  16. Identify Home Owner Association manager, if applicable.

  17. Verify Home Owner Association fees and special assessments with manager, if applicable.

  18. Order copy of Home Owner Association Bylaws and Use Restrictions, if applicable.

  19. Verify city sewer/septic tank system.

  20. Assemble list of utilities with contact information.

  21. Assemble utility usage for the last 12 months.

  22. Verify security system, term of service and whether owned or leased.

  23. Verify type of termite bond and if it is transferable, it applicable.

  24. Have Seller prepare the Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement.

  25. Have Seller prepare list of “Inclusions & Conveyances with Sale” for the property.

  26. Prepare lead-based paint disclosure.

  27. Prepare FMLS Data Input Sheet and review with client to verify accuracy.

  28. Prepare Community Association Disclosure Statement.

  29. Prepare list of neighborhood amenities.

  30. Prepare a list of maintenance items performed on the property by Seller.

  31. Prepare a list of improvements made to the property by Seller.

  32. Explain benefits of Home Owner Warranty to seller.

  33. Enter data from the FMLS Data Sheet into the FMLS System.

  34. Take photos of interior and exterior of property.

  35. Ensure the home location is accurately defined in the FMLS System mapping function.

  36. Prepare listing “take-a-way” brochure to support showings.

  37. Prepare “just listed” post card mailer to 100 neighborhood residents.

  38. Install a Supra lockbox (programed with agreed-upon showing time windows.

  39. Review Showing Time functionality with Seller on how to manage showings.

  40. Have extra key made for lockbox.

  41. Install lockbox.

  42. Install yard sign.

  43. Print “take-a-way” brochures.

  44. Activate Listing in the FMLS System.

  45. Input photos into FMLS System.

  46. Put out candy and water for showings.

  47. Mail “just listed” post card mailer to 100 neighborhood residents.

  48. Send new listing email to my Agent contact list.

Showings, Offers and Contract Negotiation

  1. In parallel with Showing Time, coordinate showings with Agents and unrepresented Buyers.

  2. Solicit feedback from all Agent showings.

  3. Monitor the FMLS System to ensure the property remains competitive in the market place.

  4. Re-supply take-a-way brochures promptly as needed.

  5. Perform weekly reviews with Seller to discuss activity and feedback from showings.

  6. Receive and review all Purchas and Sales offers submitted.

  7. Evaluate offers and prepare “net sheet” on each for owner to compare.

  8. Counsel Seller on merits and weakness of each offer.

  9. Negotiate all offers on Seller’s behalf, setting time limit for inspections, loan approval, closing attorney and closing date.

  10. Negotiate counter offer with Buyers’ Agent.

  11. Obtain pre-qualification letter on Buyer(s) and confirm with loan officer.

  12. Prepare and convey any counteroffers, acceptance or amendments to Buyer’s Agent.

  13. When Purchas and Sale is accepted and signed by all parties, deliver copies to Buyer’s Agent, Closing Attorney and Lender.

  14. Ensure that Buyer’s Earnest Money is deposited per the terms of the agreement.

  15. Promptly update FMLS System with listing status.

Contract Signing through Due Diligence

  1. Ensure all contract documents are signed properly by all parties.

  2. Contact lender to ensure the loan application has begun.

  3. Coordinate Buyer’s professional home inspection with Seller.

  4. Review home inspector’s report upon completion.

  5. Make recommendations on how to respond to requests for repair, if required.

  6. Assist Seller with compliance of home inspection repairs clause requirements.

  7. Assist Seller with identifying trustworthy contractors for required repairs, if required.

  8. Oversee completion of all required repairs to ensure contract compliance, if required.

  9. Verify termite inspection is ordered, if required.

  10. Verify mold inspection is ordered, if required.

  11. Coach Seller on the appraisal process.

  12. Provide comparable sales used in market pricing to appraiser, if required.

  13. Assist Seller with appraisal issues, if required.

  14. Coordinate closing process with Buyer’s Agent and lender.

  15. Update closing forms and files.

  16. Ensure all parties have all contract documents needed to close the sale.

  17. Confirm closing date and time and notify all parties.

  18. Solve any title or land issues that may arise.

Pending Sale through Closing

  1. Continue to track repairs needing completion per the contract.

  2. Address any conflicts or issues that may arise during this period.

  3. Follow loan processing through to the underwriting.

  4. Respond to any follow-up calls and provide any additional information required from office files.

  5. Verify all tax, HOA, utility and other applicable proration’s are applied to closing.

  6. Request final closing figures from closing attorney.

  7. Receive and carefully review closing figures to ensure accuracy.

  8. Forward verified closing figures with Seller.

  9. Provide earnest money deposit from escrow account to closing agent.

  10. Scheduling and conducting Buyer’s final walkthrough prior to closing.

  11. Attend Closing with Seller.

  12. Update listing status in FMLS.

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