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An Exceptional Experience for Sellers

My years of real estate experience includes residential construction, consultative sales and marketing, contract negotiation and zoning regulations. Sadly, I've seen many homeowners miss out on profits by not preparing their home for sale properly. That why I created my Prep-for-Sale Service.

With every successful home sale, there are three key factors: Physical Condition, List Price and Market Exposure. Of the three, the physical condition is the most critical. To highlight this point, consider the results of a recent study conducted by the National Association of Realtors. It evaluated home sales over a 12-month period and why there were either closing delays or total cancellation of the sales contract. What is shocking from the results is that Home Inspection and Environmental Issues were responsible for 10% of the delayed closings and a  33% of the terminated contracts.

My free “Prep for Sale” will take the worry out of preparing your home for sale while enhancing its marketability. It identifies issues, makes repairs and improves the overall appeal of your home. Its the first step in my proven process that will reduce the stress and uncertainty out of selling your home while preparing it to sell for the highest market price possible.