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Profitable Home Selling
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Twelve Months Ahead of Listing

Not everyone has a crystal ball, but if you know that there is a chance that you will be selling your home in the next 12 months, you should start some initial efforts to prepare it for sale. If the time frame is shorter, try implementing as many of the following suggestions as possible.

Assess the Exterior and Interior of the Home

The most important step you can take when preparing you home for sale is to have a thorough review of the interior and exterior performed. A significant amount of your return-on-investment will be lost if the home has inspection related issues or presents poorly.


This is where my Prep-for-Sale program can be of tremendous value. It begins with a complete review of the inside and outside of your home, from the attic to the basement. Electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and other systems that support your home are also included. Upon completion, an action plan is created to address the items identified.


One of the benefits of starting this work so far out from the list date is the potential for cost savings on any major work that may be required. Having a longer time horizon will allow you to schedule the repairs outside of the peak selling season such as the early spring, when tradesmen are at their busiest and usually demand higher prices.


Assess the Landscaping and Lawn

Starting from the street, take a good look at your lawn and the landscaping. Continue around the house to the back yard and sides. Do you have any over-grown shrubs or trees that need to be trimmed back from hitting the house or because they are blocking the features of your home? If so, get started on trimming, them back as soon as possible.


All too often homeowners wait until weeks before the listing date to address this issue by cutting the landscaping back to a stalky existence. The result is a thin and empty landscaped look that detracts from the presentation of the home. There is no way for the plants to regenerate in just a few weeks. Mature shrubs that are significantly trimmed back can grow lusher than before after being trimmed if allowed to cultivate for a full growing season.


If your lawn has excessive weeds, weak growth or bald spots, take steps to correct the situation. If you are limited for time or skills necessary to remedy the situation, consult with a lawn care profession about seeding or sodding the areas. Starting an organized plan of fertilization and weed prevention can also yield surprising results if given enough time to work.

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