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Services for Investors

Investment properties can be demanding. Preparing a home for lease and finding the right Tenant is just half the battle. ​Having an affordable and trusted service to proactively care for it is equally important.

I can help you with both!


My proven real estate experience and home repair expertise uniquely offers you a single source, cost-effective solution to help you not only prepare, but lease your property for the highest return possible.

My approach to successfully prepare and lease your property includes:

Property Assessment

  1. Review of the property, neighborhood and current market conditions

  2. Review of HOA Covenants and Use Restrictions, if applicable

  3. Internal and external review of the property to assess its condition and market position

  4. Identify maintenance needs

  5. Outline a plan to prepare and market the property

  6. Present and discuss findings with Owner 

  7. Finalize lease terms, conditions and "house rules"

​Listing Preparation and Activation

  1. Self-perform repairs as noted during review

  2. Coordinate carpet and interior cleaning, landscaping, painting, etc., as required

  3. Assemble utilities with contact information

  4. Gather property data for online listing

  5. Shoot photos of interior and exterior, prepare marketing materials

  6. Install a lockbox, yard signage and activate listing

Showings, Application Processing and Lease Negotiation

  1. Coordinate property showings with agents and unrepresented renters

  2. Solicit feedback from all showings

  3. Review all lease applications received with Owner

  4. Assist Owner with background and credit checks

  5. Discuss the merits and weakness of each applicant

  6. Prepare lease and negotiate terms and conditions

  7. Ensure security deposit is collected per the terms of the lease

Lease Signing through Move In

  1. Coordintate utility connections with Tenant

  2. Perform move-in Inspection (with move-in form) with Tenant

  3. Video tape the home to document condition at the time of move-in

  4. Provide Tenant a copy of HOA use restrictions

  5. Collect first months rent and other fees

  6. If required, register ew Tenant with neighborhood HOA

  7. Provide copies of all documentation and video tape to Owner and Tenant

Property Maintenance

My unique approach to home care offers you a single source, cost-effective solution to help you maintain the value of your investment. It proactively identifies and addresses repair needs before they become more costly repairs.

The areas addressed include:


  • Check for signs of roof leaks

  • Check for rodent activity

Bath, Kitchen and Laundry Rooms

  • Appliance check

  • Check of grout and caulking

  • Check of sinks and toilets for leaks
    and proper operation

  • Toilet paper and towel bars

  • Washing machine and dryer connections


  • Operation and condition of light switches and wall receptacles

  • Testing of GFIC receptacles


  • Visual check of chimney, doors,
    siding and windows


Garage Doors

  • Door components and opener operation

  • System lubrication​


Applying Oil to Chain of Garage Door

Hot Water Heater

  • Check components

  • Draining of sediment 

HVAC Systems

  • Visual check of system, condensate pumps and lines

  • Filter replacement

  • Compressor fin clening



  • Ceilings, floors and walls

  • Door hinges and knobs

  • Cabinet hinge and drawer operations


  • Replacement of bulbs on
    readily accessible fixtures


Smoke Detectors

  • Testing

  • Annual battery replacement

Water System

  • House pressure check

  • House-to-street leak check

Plumber putting filling in between tiles
Residential Cental Air Conditioning Unit
Changing Furnace Filter.jpg
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