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Profitable Home Selling
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  • Power wash the driveway, deck, siding, sidewalk and porch areas to give everything a fresh look. And while you’re at it, power wash the outdoor furniture as well.

  • After pressure washing the house, wash the windows inside and out.

  • If your mailbox is a bit weathered, give it a fresh coat of paint.

  • Neatly edge your lawn and keep it cut weekly. If it’s the summer months and if there hasn’t been sufficient rainfall, keep it watered. Make sure your lawn is as green and lush as possible.

  • Lightly trim all shrubs and trees in the yard before adding a fresh layer of mulch or pine straw on all the landscape beds.

  • Make sure the front door is clean and presents well. Check that the door lock operates smoothly. If the operation of key in the lock seems like it is binding, apply some oil the lock mechanism. Also consider installing a fresh door map that has a warm message of “Welcome” on it.

  • Make sure that all the roof gutters are visibly clean of debris when walking around the house. This is especially true of gutters that are visible from second story windows.

  • If you have decided to temporarily store furniture and items from your home, begin the process now.

  • Clean the house thoroughly to make sure there are no areas of excessive dust, spider webs and or dead bugs. As you clean, inspect all the light fixtures to make sure they are clean and replace any light bulbs that are burned out. Every light in the house should operate property. Dark rooms can disrupt the flow of a showing.

Establish your List Price

Understanding your local market and exactly where your home fits is critical to maximizing your return and lowering the number of days on market.  It is critically important to take the time to understand and believe in the market analysis that your Agent provides, and not the estimates from the Internet websites.

There is no accurate way for a computer algorithm to know the improvements you have made to your home, or the deferred maintenance your home suffers from.

There is a reason why Zillow is offering a million dollars to anyone who can improve their home valuations. You are hiring an Agent to be your advocate. If you don’t feel like they are, get another Agent. Find one you trust and take his or her advice.

You also need to understand that the market value of your home is based on what a Buyer is willing to pay for the house today, not what your neighbor’s house sold for two years ago. Market values are elastic and will fluctuate based the seasonal and economic conditions, as well as local supply and demand.

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