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Profitable Home Selling
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Items for Off-Site Storage: you should also look at the amount of furniture you have in each room.  Is it overstuffed or, just right?  The goal is to make your home feel open and spacious. It may be well worth the effort to remove the items from the rooms when you get closer to the listing date. If you have room in your basement without crowding up the space, you can move them there. If that is not an option, investigate renting a small storage unit near your home to temporarily store the items.

As people walk your home they are also evaluating if they see themselves being able to live there.  When your house is organized and the cabinets, closets, rooms, and storage space are free of unneeded items, it makes the home look bigger.


And don’t forget about the bedroom and hall closets, as well as the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room cabinets. Believe it or not people will look in these areas. Make sure each area looks like they are being underutilized and that there is plenty of room for storage. This is especially true for Buyers who are in the market for a larger home than they currently own.


One Month Ahead…


Assemble Listing Paperwork


Since some of the information required to list your property for sale may not be readily at hand, it’s good practice to begin assembling it now. This will reduce the level of stress that could arise just prior to listing the property. The items you will need are listed below.

  • Warranty or Security Deed for the property.

  • Title Insurance.

  • Survey (if available).

  • The list of major maintenance and improvements made to the property, with values.

  • Utility costs for the past 12 months (electricity, gas, water, etc.).

  • Neighborhood By-Laws, Covenants and Use Restrictions, if applicable.

  • Property Manager’s name and contact information, if applicable.

  • Community Website information, if applicable.

  • Any pictures of the property you want the listing agent to use.

  • Any private home sales in the neighborhood within the last 6 months.

First impressions mean a lot when selling your home. The following items are simple actions that can make a significant impact.

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